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Music While ExercisingEveryone loves music. It’s almost like having our own personal soundtrack in our lives. Music will define you. Many people will judge you based on the music you listen to, but did you know that it has more benefits than just helping us relay our emotions into words? Check out some of the reasons why you should be using music to exercise…

  • Creates Rhythm

Rhythms play a large part in our lives. For many, when listening to music, we go into an almost Zen-like state. When the rhythm is interrupted, it can quickly become downright infuriating or irritating and interrupt our thought processes or whatever we were doing at the moment.

  • Rhythm Keeps Us On Track

Regardless of what we're working at the moment, including exercising with that new fitness DVD.

  • Serves As a Distraction

When you become lost in the music, whether it's to be the music or the lyrics, you become so engrossed by it that you tend to forget what you're doing. Not so much where it becomes a danger, but so much where you're completely focused on just the music itself, which means you can sneak in more reps than you ever thought possible.

  • Music Can Enhance Your Mood

Regardless of if you've had a really bad day music, has a tendency to make us feel better or at least enable us to speak the motions we can't seem to bring out of ourselves. Depending on the song you're listening to, it may enhance your mood and encourage you to look at the future with an optimistic approach.

  • It Encourages The Intensity of Your Workout

Because you'll be so focused on the music itself, you can easily work harder than you typically would while listening to music. Why is that? It's all about the Rhythm. You see, quicker rhythms tend to inspire us to move in a much quicker pace, while slow music is probably best reserved for times when we are trying to relax, because it has a tendency to slow us down.

Music is influential and inspires us in a variety of ways, but the key to unlocking its benefits while working out at the gym relies on picking an upbeat song with a quick tempo. The next time you’re at the gym, don’t forget to bring your iPod!

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